Montana Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef 
                              AGNEW RANCH BLACK  ANGUS
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Agnew Ranch
781 Lower Sweet Grass Rd
Big Timber, Montana 59011

"Agnew Beef demonstrates beyond any doubt that grass-fed beef can not only stand up to the best prime grain-finished beef but can better it. It's rich, aromatic, tender and deeply beefy-Simply some of the best beef I've ever tasted."-Thomas McNamee,  biographer of food stars Alice Waters and Craig Claiborne.


This year we are offering our Grass Fed Steers directly to the consumer. They are from our well bred black angus cow herd, all born and raised on our family ranch NE of Big Timber, Montana. Our animals are handled quietly, extremely humanely, and graze on our high quality pastures, our own ranch raised hay, with plenty of clean water year round. These steers have constant access to a high quality mix of salt and minerals, receive no hormones or antibiotics and are never fed grain. They are finished on our alfalfa fields. The beef is nutritious, tasty and tender.

 The beef is processed then the carcasses are hung and dry aged for three weeks for maximum tenderness and taste, before being cut to customer specifications. We sell whole and half carcasses, as well as individual cuts. 

We also offer wholes and halves of Grass Fed Lamb.


We are currently taking orders for our 2014 steers.

Your choice of cuts include:

Burger.   Stew Meat.  Rib/T Bone Steak.  

Chuck Roast.  Arm Roast.  Flank Steak.  

Short Ribs.  Soup Bone.  Tri Tip Steak or Roast. 

 Sirloin Steak.  Round Steak.  kabobs.

Top Round, Sirloin Tip, Bottom round, Eye Of Round in roasts or cubes.

..and don't forget meaty dog bones for the pooch!


We do everything we can to make our cow herd as stress free as possible including using horses and organizing facilities that work an animal easily and quietly.


Contact us about the availabilty of smaller amounts of individual cuts. Burger is for sale from 1 to 500 lbs year round. 


Agnew Beef is available at any time by contacting the ranch directly. 

Live across the US? Deliveries are easy with Fed Ex.






.."we've raised our family vegetarian the last 20 years.. after reading about the nutrients of grass fed beef have added it into our diet..our daughter asked to place our 2nd order with you and asked for every organ meat, bone and cut...we're using it all -love the taste and feel so good! ..Thank You"

  Why Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef is better...

Cattle raised and finished on grass have proven nutritional advantages over traditional grain finished beef. These include higher amounts of desirable fatty acids and anti oxidants, as well as twice the amount of  conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), up to 4x more vitamin E, more Beta Carotene, more Omega 3 fatty acids. 

Corn fed beef is a relatively modern method of finishing cattle and, as Michael Pollan illustrates in "Omnivore's Dilemma," it turns healthy animals into sickly animals that are in turn unhealthy for consumers. While grain finished beef clogs arteries, Grass Fed Beef is actually recommended by cardiologists. 

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef is far lower in fat than corn fed beef and equal to the fat in skinless chicken, deer or elk. It has has more omega-3 than farm raised salmon.

As an extra caution beware of beef that is labeled "Grass Fed" but is actually finished with grain. Make sure the beef you eat never touches grain in its lifetime.  With Agnew Ranch Beef you can be sure..
Remember to always ask how the beef you are purchasing "grades". Our carcasses grade Select, Select Plus & Choice Minus....
hard to find grass finished beef much better & tastier than that!
Most commonly asked questions answered:

Contact us for current prices. When you order your whole, half or quarter steer we request a deposit of 1/2. The price of a whole 18 month old steer at approximately 1200 lbs @ (for ex) $1.50 per lb. is $1800. When the steer is taken for processing we will take a final weight and send you a  bill minus your deposit. This is your live weight cost.

Pioneer Meats in Big Timber will process the steer. They will have your contact information, and we will have provided you with all the necessary information about choices of cuts and packaging so that when they call to take your order you will be prepared. The staff is very helpful, will answer all your questions and will make ordering easy. You will pay Pioneer directly for this cost when you pick up your beef. (Delivery can also be arranged.)

The carcass weight of a 1200 lb steer weighs roughly 720 lbs. When it is trimmed of fat and bone, the useable meat is about 430 lbs. The live weight cost of $1800 plus the process/cut/hang/wrap cost of $500 equals a total price of $2300 or $5.35 per lb. 

Our steers weigh 1200 to 1400 lbs. Your final cost varies depending on the actual  carcass weight and your trim and cut preference.

"..we can't believe your beef is so tender we can cut it with a fork..even the roasts..!"
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